Industrial autoclave

Our industrial autoclave NGA ® it’s a new solution in the sterilization process, achieved by streamlining the spaces. The cylindrical industrial autoclave, where inside a compartment separator in installed, is a light structure for baskets of product to be treated. The compartment separator of our industrial autoclave  (which can also be applied to existing autoclaves)  reduces the volume to heat and cool, provides energy, time and using compressed air savings.

Heat transfer takes place through the combination of:

– Indirect heating and cooling:
callow a separate movement for steam and cooling water without contact and risk of contamination.

– Direct heating and cooling:
 using the recovery water from the previous batch, it saves energy and time. The compartment is applicable on all systems with direct steam, rain and full filling in both static and rotary form; hot and cold water are retrieved in separate tanks and reused in the next batch.

Autoclave industriale. Scopri i vantaggi

Technical innovation and main advantages of our industrial autoclave NGA ®: 60% less stainless steel that must be heated and cooled, 70% less steam to heat / cool the process water, 70% less compressed air, lower circulation times, higher turbolences, heat exchange accelerated, reduction of approximately 10/20 minutes of processing time.

Our industrial autoclave NGA ®  is the new machinery for the sterilization of food products, suitable for any food sector. Scopri i nostri settori

Our complete lines for food sector  operate in the very delicate phase of the entire production transformation: the process one. This being the central moment in the product transformation, the plants construction must be particularly careful to the product treatment and safeguarding of its organoleptic properties.

To be sure to achieving the best quality our Company also takes care about the realization of the upstream and downstream plants of the process, by supplying, therefore, complete lines in the various sectors of belonging.


Industrial autoclave for several food sectors


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