UDV Ultrafast Drying Vacuum chamber


UDV, the new Ultrafast Drying Vacuum system for sausages, is a new  patented technology that, unlike traditional processing, thanks also to the vacuum application, starts drying from the product heart, in a chamber completely made in stainless steel. UDV system offers many advantages:

  • speed (till five time less in comparaison to traditional chambers),
  • less power energy use till 80%
  • less space required with subsequent economic benefit.

Furthermore, with a better uniformity in the distribution of water and salts, it increases:

  • yeld increase till 4%, the shelf-life of the sliced product put in trays
  • homogeneity of the products having the same batch

while it reduces the slicing scraps and the quantity of salt used.
Finally, the new system offers new functions and greater security: automatic evacuation of dripping liquids during the process, washing and sanitation automatic systems, facilitation for HACCP procedure and certification, reduction of contaminations risks and chamber maintenance costs.
UDV drying system is available in various dimensions and chamber capacity, it can be powered both with guideways and racks and trolleys of different sizes.






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