Rotating coil concentrator


The rotating coil concentrator is the result of the synergy between production speed and product quality. Vacuum concentration plant, discontinuous system, the concentrator with Ghizzoni D. patented system, properly designed to satisfy the need to obtain high quality products, so minimizing the mechanical damages and thermal damages even of the most delicate product. The patented rotating coil is installed inside the machine and used for the indirect steam heating of the product. Due to its particular spires distribution, it allows a thermal uniform distribution, a greater respect  of the treated product size and the guarantee of a gently but effective mixing of the same. The proposed rotating coil, due to the above described characteristics, is able to reduce the treatment times by minimizing the mechanical stress caused by the product compression on the machine walls. These characteristics, associated with each other, allow to obtain a high quality product with high presence of pieces. To be able to concentrate at low temperatures, the machine is connected to an adequate vacuum  group with a tube bundle condenser and liquid ring pump.

In order to meet the market needs of semi-processed products, the plant can also be constructed in “aseptic” version and approved at inner pressure till 4 bar.


Among the machines production of Ghizzoni D., having production capacities from 20 to 5.000 kg./cycle, the new concentrator of CLO series, with vacuum system, is particularly suitable to limited productions and it guarantees the same technology developed for machines for industrial production. The vacuum use offers also the possibility to de-aerate any product before packaging; the presence of a vacuum pump allows the water to evaporate at an adjustable temperature, so largely safeguarding the product organoleptic characteristics. The agitator makes the whole mass of the product uniform, scraping the heated areas, while a considerable processing times reduction makes this concentrator suitable for the production of jams and marmalades, toppings, ketchup, honey, juices, and so on, and it can be made according to customer’s request.







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